Random Acts of Smiles in NYC

Last month, Affordable Buttons was in New York City celebrating our founder Linda Christopherson’s nomination for the prestigious Women in Business Stevie Award. We were honored to be a finalist!

Tom and Linda Christopherson, founders of Affordable Buttons

We brought our trusty pal and company logo (“Smiley”) with us as we toured New York City—visiting Times Square, Central Park, the World Trade Center, Broadway, and more. Our buttons certainly attracted attention! Complete strangers approached us wondering about our Smiley buttons. What does Smiley stand for? Why were we wearing them?

We explained that Smiley is more than our company logo. It is a symbol of the good our company does for our customers, our employees, our community, and the world. Before long, people were asking if they could wear a Smiley button, too!

Smiley at the Empire State Building

By the end of our trip, we had distributed over 300 Smiley buttons to NYC natives and travelers alike. Smiley buttons went out to wait staff, police officers, a group celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday, a family visiting from South Carolina, a group traveling from overseas, and much more! Perhaps we met you?

Smiley at Rockefeller Plaza
Sharing Smiley with NYC residents at Rockefeller Plaza

No matter the person’s background, language, or age, Smiley was always received with a genuine and warm smile back. It’s remarkable how easily a smile can lead to further random acts of kindness and helping others. It could lead to volunteering where you’re needed most—or just how your gift of a smile could be exactly what is needed for a precise moment in time.

Sharing Smiley with Fellow Travelers

Smiley may started his journey in NYC and he’s off to travel the world! You never know where he’ll show up next, it could be in a location near you. If you get the chance to meet Smiley, please pass him on to others and if you’d like to share it with us through tagging us on Facebook with stories and pictures, we’d LOVE it!

Using buttons to spread smiles!

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